Pirates… the new Niggers?

The word “pirate” means different things to different people, for example when a person from the music industry says it… its laced with the most deadly venom that can be conjured up in speech, but on the other hand its immensely popular and embraced by a lot of file sharers, as can be noticed by the number of people wearing ThePirateBay merchandise or t-shirts from their favorite bit torrent sites like BitSoup, Demoniod, iLoveTorrents and a hundred others.

Let’s take a quick (and very brief) look in the past of black history… people were brought (and bought) from their countries as slaves, and for hundreds of years were subjected to ‘unjust treatment’ (for lack of a better term) in all of its horrible forms like torture, rape and… well, nearly everything you can think of.., and then some.

They were dominated as much as possible by the people “who had the power“ to do so.. always quoting the law which gave them the right, because in our (humanity) shameful past… that was the law.

Few people (black, white, yellow, brown…heck we will even throw in gray, blue and purple) can ever compare their plight to that of the poor souls who survived the slave ships…, and were brought to a worse hell on land as slaves. Then to cap everything, there was a word that was thrown at them to make them feel even lower, to make them feel below even of a being human: Nigger.

Zip ahead to the present day, and you have black people freely calling each other “Nigga” , not in a unfavorable way at all… something that they took and turned it on its head to give it a new meaning, to remember what they have been through and symbolize brotherhood, family, closeness and oneness.
While it’s still not acceptable for a non black (particularly a white) to say that word to a black person

(especially if they say “Nigg-er” instead of “Nigg-a”, note the ER… saying it with an “ER” at the end will most likely land that white boy in the medical E.R)

unless they are really close buds and the non-black person has had ‘permission’ from his pal to do so.

Again we do see the present “powers that be” quoting the law (and bending it as much as possible or  breaking it at times if they think they can get away with it) but this time its not specifically targeted at any race…, nope, they have expanded to include generations of all colors, race and creed.. even entire countries with a new hatred filled name: Pirate.

Almost comparing (one can argue) a 14 year old pimple riddled kid sitting in front of his computer to a crusty seafaring guy with an eye patch, a parrot on his shoulder, a sword on his belt…. who raped, pillaged and murdered without a second thought.

Unfortunately, this word too didn’t work out too well the music industry, because people are calling themselves pirates with quite a bit of pride and this time it’s not limited to any race, it’s the new way to rebel: a verbal way to give the middle finger of both hands to the establishment – the very same fingers that are used to search for the latest songs on the file sharing networks.
The word pirate also means other things to folks, everything from “pretty darn clever computer user”, “catch-me-if-you-can-mofo” to a warm cheerful humor laced greeting to another person who is ‘in the same boat as you’.

Just like how black people hate other people calling them “that word”, file sharers don’t like it when they are labeled “pirates” by the MAFIAA and affiliate companies for something as small as non-profit file sharing…
which brings up the question, are ‘pirates’ the new ‘niggers’?

A point to remember is, in the old days when a pirate ship took over a slave ship… they freed all the slaves and usually offered them a chance to become pirates themselves, they never took slaves of their own. In fact, when the slaves knew that a pirate ship was coming to attack their ship they used to try to revolt at the same time to make the pirate’s task easier, knowing that this was their only chance at actual freedom.

Personally, if given the choice now to side with the MAFIAA or the ‘pirates’ of present (or past)… I think I’ll take my chances with the ‘pirates’.

(Kindly note, this article was not conceived and written by us here at eZee but by Shaz: a young black (and proud) man presently studying economics in a famous university in the U.S.
Other than a few agreed upon edits before publication, this is pretty much Shaz’ own words and original idea/view.
www.eZee.se does not mean any disrespect to anyone in the black community by publishing the word Nigger / Nigga on our website.)

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