This week in copyright bullying.. and a cute ‘copyright infringing’ toddler!

MAFIAA bully The weekend is almost upon us but no one can say it’s been an uneventful week in the copyright world.
We’ve seen everything from successful bribery …lobbying efforts by the music industry to extend copyright from 50 years to 95 years in the EU, more proof of the flawed data that the MAFIAA tout as “100% airtight evidence”, RIAA bullying to deny Jammie Thomas a fair trial (another article link as well) after the last fiasco to ‘the moron formally known as prince’ and his record company (Universal Vivendi – the biggest of the big four music companies) try to trample on ‘fair use’ and sue a toddler.

Yes dear readers, below we are going to show you the face of a ‘copyright infringer’… and he’s damn cute!!

To start with, let’s just wish Jammie Thomas the best of luck because she has a very good chance of things going her way AND at the same time deal a huge blow to the RIAA and MPAA who 1. say that just putting content in the share folder is distributing and 2. should not have to prove actual distribution – because it’s just too hard to do.
(Yes, in our minds our response too was a four letter word followed by ‘them’)

Instead  the MAFIAA scumbags would just like us to take their word for it, not something any sane / ’unbribed’ person would do considering that if we took their word in the past; we would have sued printers as well as dead people by now for ‘mass copyright infringement’ – the worst of all crimes known to humanity (/sarcasm).
Keep in mind these are also the same scum who came up with the term Conspiracy To Defraud the Music Industry”.

And here’s where we summarize how ridiculous present copyright has gotten:
A proud mom uploaded a 29-second clip of her toddler son dancing in the family kitchen to the Prince song, "Let’s Go Crazy", which is playing on a stereo in the background. Remarkably, Universal Music Publishing Group claimed that the video infringed its copyrights, and had the video yanked from YouTube!

They not only tried to trample on fair use, but free speech as well.. in one go! The mother isn’t taking it and neither is the EFF who are fighting for her rights.

(Quick half off topic bit of info for some of you: do a quick search on Prince (or the moron artist formally known as prince) other than taking a stance with the turds at websheriff against ThePirateBay he (and his associates) have tried to take down everything from educational guitar tabs, lyrics to music videos and educational videos with any association to his songs!)

Here’s the video that was yanked off YouTube but has since been put back (we have a local copy incase it gets pulled again ;) ) look deeply into the eyes of this most evil mastermind copyright infringer!

Link to original story on recordingindustryVSpeople and on EFF

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