Limewire against RIAA, ready for a bitter or sweet judgment

From recordingindustry VS people : look’s like the long fight between Limewire and the record companies might be coming to conclusion as both parties have moved for summary judgement.

While most people and organizations caved under pressure from the goons of the RIAA, Limewire was one of the few who fought back, and fought back hard – refusing to give an inch to the other side.

In their latest filings they has gotten together a posse of declarations from individuals who use (mostly) LimeWire and other P2P as a legitimate distribution channel, with an emphasis on moving picture distribution rather than music.

While this might sound a lot like the Napster defense (we are of course talking Napster ver 0.1 – before it got bastardized into what it is today) a lot has changed in P2P from those years gone by to now, most importantly ‘mainstream’ businesses look at P2P as a tool to add and utilize in their arsenal to streamline their businesses and save costs rather than share the RIAA/MPAA (MAFIAA)’s views and look at them as nothing more than “pirate networks”.

If Limewire wins this case (as it should), it would be a HUGE blow to the scumbags, douchebags, bastards, pimps and whores organizations working on the other side, if nothing else that alone should be enough for all of us to root for the guys at the ‘citrus company’! ;-)

(Incase you missed our link to Ray’s blog at the beginning of the post, here it is again: recordingindustry VS people, please do visit as it has the most extensive documentation of nearly all (if not all) the cases concerning the RIAA run by a lawyer who is _not_ a scumbag but a great guy… something almost unheard of in the world we live in… almost comparable to finding a person who works for the MAFIAA who has _not_ sold mother and grandmother to the local pimp for a percentage take of the profits!
Ok…ok, the last part was an ‘inside’ joke, we all know such RIAA/MAFIAA people dont exist! )

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