Music labels getting ready to pull off one of the biggest scams in history!

You think stealing a car is huge? Robbing a bank? How about stealing a plane? Maybe embezzling a couple of million from some big company?
For most this is pretty much as big as we can think, but that’s really not big enough!
Some people prefer to leave the ‘chicken feed’ for…. well, the chickens and go after a real big scam, the great part in this case is… the whole of Europe is invited!
Instead of scamming just one area, or city or even country… why stop there when you can scam the whole damn continent of Europe for generations to come?

A little while back we wrote an article on how the EU threw an experts analysis out the window… after they themselves hired him!
Reason: He found evidence that put his findings in direct contrast to what they were (most probably) paid under the table to say and do.

Well, there’s new evidence to back this up which should convince even the naysayers as to what HUGE scambags the music labels are… basically wanting to milk the European people of hundreds of millions of Euros _without_ offering anything new, locking up culture and denying whats rightfully coming to them!

Just telling people they wanted something for nothing was not going to work of course, so they instead packaged it in a neat little box making sure that if you disagreed with them… you would come out looking like you didn’t care for the elderly. The line pitched was “Artists/Performers, like everyone, are most in need of money in their retirement/final years… thus it’s only logical to extend present copyright for another 45 years for the benefit of these ‘poor people’…” (or words to that effect).

They then commissioned an expert to verify this for them to make it nice and official, unfortunately his findings proved just the opposite… that extending copyright would have little effect in helping these aged performers other than a very very small percentage who would have made millions (of dollars/pounds/euros… take your currency pick) off their sales anyway. The only people REALLY benefiting would be the music labels making hundreds of millions of Euros for doing… absolutely nothing!

Moreover, extending copyright would cost the people a lot more (to quote) “with repercussions to the public interest, follow-on innovators and cultural diversity”.
Small artists (who the industry is claiming to protect) can expect to get from a minimum of (drum roll please….) 50cents a month to a massive….. €26.79!!! (Roughly $40 USD at present rates)

If text and numbers is not really your thing, here’s a very nice pie chart that instantly gets the message across:


And they have the guts to call YOU a filthy pirate!

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