RIAA are vexed! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a ‘Ray’ of light!!

Ray Beckerman - SuperRay!If it’s one thing that bullies don’t like, it’s for someone to stand up to them.. and actually beat them, which is what Ray Beckerman who runs the fantastic blog Recording Industry VS People is doing on a regular basis.

Ray is kicking butt, superhero style! Don’t believe us? Ask any of the poor souls that he has represented, hence we have taken the liberty to Photoshop a super-suit for him ;)

Knowing that they cannot beat Ray in a clean fight the labels are trying to stress him out and eat up his time…defending himself! That’s right! The scumbags at the RIAA are suing him!

After searching another innocent person for any excuse they could use to get a payout for their protection racket, and failing after going tooth and nail for 3 years, the RIAA are p!ssed… they expected an easy win from someone who couldn’t defend themselves but instead got… a little old man who _kicked their butt_ in court!
Plus, brought to light the shady/illegal and questionable tactics that they are using, their association with companies like MediaSentry (who are arguably illegal in a minimum of two States in the US of A)…and generally being a big thorn in their scamming side.

If you find it ironic that the RIAA is complaining about vexatious litigation, you’re not alone. "Complaining about Beckerman’s engaging in a publicity campaign seems to be deeply ironic given that the RIAA has said that its purpose in filing these lawsuits is to get publicity for its view that [P2P activity] is illegal and needs to be stopped," EFF staff attorney Fred von Lohmann told Ars Technica.

With regard to some of the other allegations raised in the RIAA’s filing, von Lohmann told Ars that "it sounds like most of those allegations could be leveled against the recording industry."
(Copied from Ars)

Very true, because nobody has been as crafty, cunning, deceitful and vexatious than the slimeballs who work for, and are the RIAA.

What got us rolling with laughter is they call Ray’s blog "an anti-recording industry blog", kind of made us wonder… what are they calling our blog? :D

Keep kicking ass and fighting the good fight Ray, if there’s anything we can do to help… you have but to ask!

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