RIAA – A behind the scenes look at scum

The RIAA might have thrown in the towel with regards to bringing in new lawsuits, but little has changed and as a little reminder of exactly how low these scum are, here’s a very good article that we stumbled upon.

A few excerpts:

To hear Joel Tenenbaum‘s version of the story, at least, it isn’t hard to see why the Recording Industry Association of America’s campaign against music piracy has earned the RIAA so many enemies — perhaps contributing to the trade group’s decision this week to stop filing lawsuits against people like Tenenbaum.

Tenenbaum, who turns 25 on Christmas day, is a doctoral student in physics at Boston University. He also is involved in a high-profile legal fight with the RIAA for allegedly downloading and distributing songs belonging to several music labels. The recording companies claim to have discovered more than 800 songs stored illegally in a shared folder on Tenenbaum’s computer, although the RIAA’s case against him only identifies seven of the songs.

There was little opportunity to dispute the amount or to even question the validity of the allegations made in the letter, according to Tenenbaum. The operators manning the RIAA hotline appeared to have little information or authority to do anything more than simply "just sit there and keeping asking you for your MasterCard or Visa number" to make the demanded payment, he said in an interview this week.
"It’s scary when you know nothing about copyright law and suddenly there’s this letter that says you’re infringing the law," Tenenbaum said. "You don’t even know if it’s a criminal or a civil matter and if you could end up in prison."

Entire article: here

We also hear from RIAA spokeswoman Cara DuckFuck… oops, we meant DuckWorth with the RIAA’s regular spin on things plus the lies and intimidation factor that the RIAA and their slimebag lawyers bring to all cases.

These people really make me sick to my stomach.

Read the article and keep in mind what you (or your friends) are supporting if find yourself browsing one of the CD shelves (with ‘intent to buy’ :p ) belonging to one of the RIAA backing companies.
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