Move Over Nigeria, We Have A New Contender!

new scam Move Over Nigeria, We Have A New Contender!If you have been on the net for even a short while, and your email address has been used to subscribe to a couple of news letters or you have forwarded a couple of ‘hilarious’ emails, chances are sooner or later you are going to get an email from a Nigerian guy offering you millions of dollars… if you can help him get the money out of Nigeria. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hurt anybody, heck – the guy who is doing the offering is usually from royalty, either a price, kings nephew etc

For those of you more experienced and longer on the internet you know what I am talking about of course, the ‘classic’ 419 Nigerian Scam.

The Nigerian scams are famous, and for most people now its just a minor annoyance because we just delete them after either reading the subject line or the first to lines of the email itself, the tell tale signs are so obvious that many email providers (Yahoo! Google etc) automatically mark them as spam and it does not hit your inbox – but what about less obvious scams? Scams that are unfortunately not getting enough publicity to warn the public of their dangers, scams that hope to rake in much more money to feed an even more cut throat industry?

Today we hope to highlight one of these: CHOROSS

We could go into the whole nature of Choross, the way it started, their bait and switch history etc but rather than dilute it, we think its a better idea to send you right to the person who holds a “master debunker” degree (kind of like a black belt in kung fu) when it comes to Choross: Mike Masnick at TD

(Some of you might remember him and his site: it’s the same one that Lily Allen was stealing from)

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